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How to bulk update Magento product attributes

You can now bulk update an attribute for products directly from the product overview. Example: disable all products in a certain category, or update stock on 50 products at once, etc. How does it work? Login to TigerMin and navigate to Productmanagement > Find & Edit products Make your selection of products (multiselect rows using […]

How to use TigerMin with multiple Magento attributesets

Great news! We finally support multiple Magento attributesets with TigerMin. Let me explain (or jump directly to how it works); Let`s say I would be a seller of clothes. I`d sell my t-shirts with certain information, like Size, Long-sleeved or not, etc. But, my trousers I would sell with different information. For example, I would […]

How to use RichText / WYSIWYG editor on product view / edit overview

In this tutorial we will explain how to edit fields on the product overview form with an WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) / RichText texteditor. Previously it was only possible to edit in a simple textarea but you can now open the field in a nice texteditor to markup your text as HTML, add images, etc. It works […]

How to use with multistore (websites) and multistoreview (multilingual)

Since we received really lot requests to improve / add functionality for multistore websites, we dedicated our TigerMin 1.4.2. release to adding all kind of features to use TigerMin with multistore environments.  In this article, we will explain how to use TigerMin with multistore. Click on one of the topics for specific help or scroll […]

How to import products into Magento from CSV or Excel using TigerMin

Since TigerMin 1.4.0 we support form population from a CSV datasource. So, you can import a CSV file and we will create all the product records for you with the values populated from CSV. You can instantly edit values or just press ‘Submit products to store’ to have the entire CSV submitted to your webstore. […]