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Magento plugin

Are you looking for Magento plugins to optimize your shop, improve your user experience or simply to provide functionalities Magento does not provide by default? Good news, Magento is worlds most use CMS for e-commerce purposes, so there are tons of plugins out there. In this post I’ll first give a few tips on how and […]

Magento admin grid

Looking for a super fancy, blazing fast, enhanced magento admin grid solution? Continue reading! The Magento admin product grid has almost not changed since the first release of Magento. Which is strange, because internet, user friendliness and possibilities do evolve constantly at high speed. Here’s a screen of the Magento admin grid as it is […]

Magento product management

Magento product management consumes time, a lot of time. But not anymore! We created TigerMin, the one and only affordable Magento Catalog Management solution to save tons of time. By managing your catalog more efficient and way faster you make catalog management easier and less time consuming. From adding hundreds of products to editing hundreds […]