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Magento admin grid

Looking for a super fancy, blazing fast, enhanced magento admin grid solution? Continue reading!

The Magento admin product grid has almost not changed since the first release of Magento. Which is strange, because internet, user friendliness and possibilities do evolve constantly at high speed. Here’s a screen of the Magento admin grid as it is currently looking like for Magento 1.x:

magento admin grid

OK, to be honest, it is functional. We see our products, we can click to open an edit form and we can do some filtering. But haven’t we all wondered things like:

How can I add more columns to this grid with more product information?
Why does updating my stock quantities for a couple products take so long and so many steps?

At least, that is what our customers kept asking us, and really what we where wondering ourselves too. So, that’s where the idea to create TigerMin came from. TigerMin: the all-in catalog management solutions with custom(izable) admin grids, many cool features to optimize your catalog management process and on top of all this, it is cool. Build on the latest technologies TigerMin offers you a stable, blazing fast and super smooth interface with AJAX catalog management.

So, what did we build?

  • An interface for all-in catalog management, better and faster then Magento admin features
  • Create your custom admin grids, with smooth AJAX filtering and paging
  • Inline editing on your magento admin grids by clicking on a cell
  • No more clicking and waiting, instantly edit and add your products!
  • Add hundreds products, from one screen
  • Only fill in the data you want to fill in, auto-fill fields which are always the same
  • Import products from CSV in your custom format

Here’s a short slider with a few screenshots showing how TigerMin looks like and how TigerMin admin grids look like (click image to enlarge):


So that’s basically TigerMin. I hope after reading this you are as enthusiastic as our customers are. Not convinced yet? You can try our live demo to try it yourself. We also offer 15-day refund guarantee if you are not happy with our extension.


Get it now! – $ 59.95 or     Try the live demo

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