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Magento bulk product management

Read this if you are a store owner and you have to add a lot of products regularly. We have developed multiple Magento stores for our clients and we have had multiple questions about the options to add products quicker and easier. Earlier we would respons with: “here is a CSV file, add your texts in it and we`ll import it!” Unfortunately (but understanding) that was not enough for our clients. Because, how would they add richtext, and why would they enter an image url, etc, etc.

Of course Magento has its own backend in which you can manage your catalog. But adding a product in the Magento backend means you have to wait, click, wait, enter a lot of data, wait, enter more data (probably half of the data is always the same), save your product, wait, etc. So whe were thinking, how can we make something so easy and fast as an CSV file, but with a lot of extra features so anyone can use it as a full catalog manager?

After a while of developing, testing, reviewing and optimizing whe had our product TigerMin released. An awesome catalog management solution with which you can manage your catalog way faster, way better and way more fun.

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