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Magento plugin

Are you looking for Magento plugins to optimize your shop, improve your user experience or simply to provide functionalities Magento does not provide by default? Good news, Magento is worlds most use CMS for e-commerce purposes, so there are tons of plugins out there.

In this post I’ll first give a few tips on how and where to find good Magento plugins. I’ll then present you some unique must-have extensions (plugins) for your Magento store.

Finding the Magento plugin

When you are looking for a Magento plugin there are a couple things that matter:

  • Code quality
  • Compatibility
  • Trustworthy
  • Price / competitors

We are in the webdesign business for quite a while and have developed many Magento webshops. I know enough to ensure you that one simple extension can break your entire site, or one simple scam extension can root into your code and do harmful things, without you even knowing it. So be careful. Basically you can check every Magento plugin against a few rules:

  • Is it a known name in the extension world, it it is you probably don’t have to worry
  • Most extension on Magento commerce are probably not harmful, but still be careful
  • Check reviews for the specific developer. Some extensions, for example ‘one page checkout’ are being offered by like 10 companies. Which one is real? Which one is best?
  • Check reviews, try demo’s, contact developer for information if you have doubt
  • On forehand, check if the extension is compatible with your Magento version
  • And of course, always backup your entire site before installing an extension

What Magento plugins are out there?

There are numerous plugins out there and all are designed to improve or extend your Magento webshop. If you checkout the major extension providers and Magento commerce you’ll find a lot of useful extensions. Some paid, some free and most are great. As mentioned earlier, we (Emvee Solutions) did develop quite some e-commerce sites and we tried to pay attention to our customers needs. We got a lot of comments like:

Can I add products faster somehow?
Can I extend the admin grids with more information such as product image?

These were mostly admin related. And of course we did things like installing good caching mechanism to speed up catalog management proces, or we installed extension to enhance the admin grid or we manually coded attributes to be pre-filled with a value so the customer doesn’t have to do it over and over again. But still the need for easier and faster catalog management was huge. Apart from these admin panel related comments we also go comments like:

I want to create a nice fancy photo album, just like I can in WordPress
I want to create a X-column portfolio grid to show off projects

For us it was hard to find good solutions. We live in 2016 (when writing this article), why is there not a single solutions that is super modern, responsive and all-in to create things like portfolio grids, photo galleries, and other nice data presentations. So that’s when we started developing our own plugins / extensions, currently resulting in two plugins addressing the issues mentioned above. Click the button below to checkout our Magento plugins, pricing, reviews and more!

Our extensionsMagento demo’s

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