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Magento product management

Magento product management consumes time, a lot of time. But not anymore! We created TigerMin, the one and only affordable Magento Catalog Management solution to save tons of time.

By managing your catalog more efficient and way faster you make catalog management easier and less time consuming. From adding hundreds of products to editing hundreds of products, it has never been this easy.

TigerMin is build with the most modern programming techniques and libraries to make it work out of the box and smooth as possible. Not only is TigerMin the cheapest catalog manager available, it is also most complete and best reviewed!

Here are some of the key features:

  • Bulk add products, from one grid, blazing fast
  • Customizable admin forms for adding products
  • Customizable, enhanced admin product grids
  • Inline editing of product directly from overview grid
  • Default values for attributes
  • Import products from CSV, export to Excel, CSV & PDF
  • Create multiple admin product grids or add forms
  • Also compatible with multistore & configurable products

Try it yourself in our live demo, check out our pricing and reviews, start saving time!

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