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Magento slow backend?

We often get questions like

Can you speed up our Magento store?

Can you make the Magento admin panel faster?

To answer this: Yes we can. Or better: Yes you can! Let me give you a few tips which might be of help. Search for these tips individually on Google to find out more. For example, if you want to speed up your Magento frontend I could suggest a few things:

  • Use Full Page caching (there are a few good extensions for this)
  • Get proper hosting (which supports APC, Memcache, etc)
  • Turn of logging in Magento (and clear your log tables every now and then)
  • Optimize your websites code, CSS and JavaScripts. For example, compress CSS and JS files, enable headers (expires), etc.
  • Compress your images.

If you want to speed up the backend I could suggest:

  • Use REDIS for caching
  • Get the best hosting available
  • Don`t try too hard, Magento is just heavy and it is just not as fast as for example a CMS like WordPress

Of course, these things will help you. So, if your read this and it helped you, congrats and I`m glad I could be of help.  But let`s face it: Magento (the backend) is and will always be slow. It is and will be hard to work on when you have to manage lots of products. The above tips will make it easier or faster, but it will not save you that many time as you might wish. Well, don`t get disappointed yet but read on a little further.

What if I told you that you CAN actually save like 800%, or even 1200% of your time? Let me guess what you are thinking right now:

“Yeah right, trying to sell its product”.

Yes, I am.  Because we made TigerMin. TigerMin is a tool, separated from the Magento backend. You can install and use it in just a minute by uploading the extension files to your server. Add lots of product in a stunning easy and fast way. I hope I got your curiosity. If I do, take the tour to get convinced.

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5 Responses to “Magento slow backend?”

  1. I was also using other VPS hosting for my Magento store and loading time was 40 second, Unfortunately i didn’t have other option that time, Someone recommended me to optimize configurable products, I get it done by my developer but loading was same, Then I moved my hosting to Magento cloud hosting with cloudways, They run their Magento full page cache extension (https://www.cloudways.com/blog/free-magento-full-page-cache-cloudways/) which is specially designed for Magento stores, Now I am very happy with my website because its loading just in 2 second.

  2. Nice article, you write fun 😀

  3. Thanks! This really helped me a lot. It would be nice if you would have given a little bit more insight in the tips but I did find out a lot via Google thanks to the tips. The full page cache made the real difference for me in frontend.

  4. I bought tigermin and can really recommend it, there was a littl bug but they fixed it really quick

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