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Fast, faster, fastest!

Good news!

Today we released Tigermin v1.4.1.1. So what`s new? As usual a bunch minor modifications are made. But this time we have put special focus on the performance of TigerMin. The whole idea is to manage your Magento catalog fast, real fast. This has always been our focus but since this release we have included several updates which can make TigerMin even more faster. Add, browse, find and edit products in seconds.

So what did we actually do?

We have implemented an advanced caching mechanism for requests made We discovered that sometimes the requests can take like 1 upto 3 seconds to complete. Now this is just a few miliseconds.  Of course there are a few processes where waiting is involved, for example in the reindexing proces. Although we made that as fast as possible, you still might have to wait a little. But all the other processes, loading screens, adding products, finding products, editing products, etc. should be blazing fast now.

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