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How to use RichText / WYSIWYG editor on product view / edit overview

In this tutorial we will explain how to edit fields on the product overview form with an WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) / RichText texteditor. Previously it was only possible to edit in a simple textarea but you can now open the field in a nice texteditor to markup your text as HTML, add images, etc. It works fast and directly from the product overview form.

With RichText / WYISWYG texteditor we mean this:

How to enable texteditor for a field?
You can use the WYSIWYG texteditor on any field you like. Enable the texteditor by going to your form configuration in TigerMin and choose ‘use WYSIWYG’ for a chosen field. By default this feature is enabled for the fields Description and Short Description.  So make sure this is enabled for your fields by going to Configuration > Configure forms in TigerMin.

How to use it?
After enabling the feature for a field, you can in TigerMin go to Product management > Edit products. You will find a productoverview grid where you can find all your products, search through products, sort, etc. Now click on a value of a product to start editing.  The field will now magically change into a simple textarea input field. You can drag & drop the size of this textarea. Below the field you will find 3 buttons: save, cancel (x) , and the WYSIWYG icon. The WYSIWYG icon will only be shown for fields where you have enabled the WYSIWYG feature for as explained above. Now, click the icon to open the WYSIWYG eidtor and start editing your text in a nice texteditor. See the screenshots below for a demo.

Step 1: click on a value:

Step2: now click on the richtext icon

Step3: the WYSIWYG texteditor now opens. Format your text, upload images, etc.

Step4: Edit your text, click ‘save & close’ to save the changes made


I hope you enjoy this feature. Download the update from your account, or if you are no customer yet: try it yourself in our live demo and get the product for your store!

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