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TigerMin 1.2.0: Feature highlight

Usually we don`t announce new releases of TigerMin on our website. This time though we proudly announce the 1.2.0 release of TigerMin.

Thanks to the so much appreciated feedback of the TigerMin users we added some great features to TigerMin. Some of the key new features of TigerMin 1.2.0:

  • The configuration section now extended with a set of default attributes, including dropdown and date attributes.
  • A Restore default configuration button is added. With this button we will configure the product add form for you with the Magento required attributes.
  • In the product add form you can now add dates with a super fancy datepicker, instead of having to type the data yourself. Of course it is still possible to just type something like 04/08/2014

Of course there are also a lot of minor changes, bug fixes, etc. in this release.  You can get the latest release from your account page. If you have not bought TigerMin yet, you can get it via the button below.

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