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Tigermin FAQ

1: Where can I find documentation / how to's / instructions?
2: I get login failed error / I cannot login / Login keeps loading
3: An error 'datatables warning: table id=rows - requested unknown parameter .....' shows up
4: Use TigerMin with Nginx webserver
5: I have problems on my multi- or shared host server environment
6: My products added with TigerMin won`t appear in Magento backend / frontend
7: I get: Oooops, your key is invalid
8: I get login succesfull message but I stay on the login page
9: It does not save database configuration
10: How to install Tigermin in a subdirectory, like myshop.com/store/
11: I get an 500 error in my browser
12: Can I add products to mutliple storeviews or websites (stores)
13: Magento 1.9.2.x , TigerMin not saving products to database
14: Manage tier price and group price with TigerMin

2 Responses to “Tigermin FAQ”

  1. I have bought Tigetmin version 2, How I can upgrade that 3? Is it free?

    • Emvee Solutions 01/05/2016 at 1:12 pm

      Hi Vijay,

      Yeah sure, you can login to your account on our website and check your downloads. The latest version is now 3.2 and downloadable from your account. Upgrade instructions are included in the package. Contact us if you have any questions!

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