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Tigermin FAQ

1: Where can I find documentation / how to's / instructions?

You can browse to this blog page to find all documentation and instructions available: https://www.emvee-solutions.com/blog/category/help-articles-how-tos/help-articles-tigermin/

2: I get login failed error / I cannot login / Login keeps loading

First of all, make sure your login details are correct. Please note that you should login using Magento admin account details. Once you are sure your details are correct, please try the folllowing solutions.

Solution 1

Verify if the file .htaccess is present in the folder tigermin on your server. This file should be present for apache webservers.

Solution 2

Often, the problems are caused by your server not supporting htaccess rewrites. Whilst we recommend fixing this and using rewrites, there is a solution to not use rewrites as follows:

  • Go to your server and browse to the tigermin folder
  • Rename the file ‘setting.default.php’  to setting.php (you now enable your custom setting file, which will not be overwritten in next updates)
  • Open the setting.php file and change the $norewrites = true; to $norewrites = yes
  • Upload the file setting.php to your server in order to activate the changed setting

Here’s how your setting.php should look like after this change:


Solution 3

Please access tigermin via: yoursiteurl.com/tigermin/?t=1 and see if it works then. If this it works now, you probably have some caching mechanism enabled on your server. Please add an exception for TigerMin.

Solution 4

Did you install TigerMin within a subfolder, for example: yourstore.com/shop/tigermin/? Please check installation instructions within the download package.

3: An error 'datatables warning: table id=rows - requested unknown parameter .....' shows up

Once you installed TigerMin and started creating your own forms, you might find out that your product overview form is throwing this error message: Datatables warning: table id=rows – requested unknown parameter ….. 

The reason this error occurs is because you have added a field / attribute to your configuration, which is not supported by the TigerMin product overview / edit form. Let`s assume your error message is as follows: Datatables warning: table id=rows – requested unknown parameter ‘store’. In this very case, you have added an attribute ‘store’ to your form configuration. Great, because now you can add products to multiple stores. However, this particular field (store) is not supported by the product overview / edit form.

So, the resolution for this problem would be to go to your form configuration, and edit the attribute ‘store’ so that it won`t show on the product overview, but only on the product add form.

4: Use TigerMin with Nginx webserver

Add rewrite rule:
For Nginx webserver you must configure a rewrite rule since the .htaccess rewrite rules are not recognized by Nginx.

  • First find your Nginx configuration file. The general config file usually is in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf . But most installations have per domain configurations in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/. The default domain configuration file is /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default. It is important to use the correct file or the rewrite will not work.
  • Secondly, add these rules to the file:
    #handle tigermin
    location /tigermin/ {
     index index.php; if (!-e $request_filename) {
      rewrite ^/tigermin/(.*)$ /tigermin/index.php?rt=$1;
    #allow includes of js and css files
    location ~ (^/(tigermin/includes/)) {
     allow all;
    #disallow opening conf files
    location ~ (^/(tigermin/lib/magmi/)) {
     deny all;
  • Please note that these directives should be placed within the http { server { HERE } } context. (But there will be more rewrites in your configuration file, so just place it above the first rewrite.)

Added rewrite rule, but still not working?

Tried everything, still no luck?

  • The final solution is a workaround, to not use rewriting. In order to use this workaround, check FAQ item 2 (solution 2).
5: I have problems on my multi- or shared host server environment

TigerMin should work just fine on servers with multiple virtual hosts as websites / webshops. However, many servers make use of a caching mechanism such as Opcache or Varnish cache. Those caching mechanism may get confused when they see the exact same file on the server multiple times and the mechanism does not know what file to serve to whom. Your host can disable this behaviour for a specific folder, ask them to disable this for the TigerMin folder in your webshop.

6: My products added with TigerMin won`t appear in Magento backend / frontend

There are multiple reasons why this could be happening. Please check all common problems below:

  • First of all, make sure your Database configuration is correct and TigerMin is completely installed. Go to Configuration > Database configuration section to configure your database and test the settings.
  • If you customized your form, please add a new form in TigerMin using our default preset of attributes which is automatically generated. Try to add a product using this form.
  • If you still have no luck with our form or your own form, please login to your Magento backend and check which attributesets you have created. TigerMin assumes you have the attributeset ‘Default’ enabled in Magento, but maybe you have not. If you use custom attributesets, please add the field ‘attribute_set’ to the TigerMin form configuration and enter your attribute set as default value. If you have multiple attributesets in Magento, you can just create multiple forms within TigerMin and match the product with the right attributeset via the attribute_set configuration field.
7: I get: Oooops, your key is invalid

This means your are trying to use TigerMin on a domain which is not allowed by your license. Contact us for further help.

8: I get login succesfull message but I stay on the login page
  • This could have to do with caching, please check if it does work when you access TigerMin via access tigermin via: yoursiteurl.com/tigermin/?t=1
  • Alternatively you could try accessing TigerMin via HTTPS
9: It does not save database configuration

This has something to do with the read/write rights on your webserver. One option would be to contact your host about this, but easier and alternatively you could download the file /tigermin/lib/magmi/conf/magmi.ini from your webserver and enter your database details manually in the corresponding lines. Make sure every value is between double quotes. So the right syntax for a single configuration line would be:

dbname = “databasename”

10: How to install Tigermin in a subdirectory, like myshop.com/store/

First of all we recommend to follow the standard installation instructions within the download package, and check if everything is working ok. If not, here`s what to do:

  1. Inside the TigerMin folder (which you have uploaded to your Magento installation directory on the server) look for a file with the name .htaccess
  2. Download the file and open it with notepad.
  4. Change this line to your needs: “#RewriteBase /home/user/domains/domain.com/public_html/storefolder/tigermin/”
  5. Remove the hashtag (#) in order to make the line active
  6. Replace the path for your webservers path to Magento.
  7. Optionally look into the .htaccess file of your Magento installation (should be in the root of where Magento is installed) and copy the RewriteBase line from there. Append that line with tigermin/ and you should be ok.
  8. Save the file and upload it back into the tigermin/ directory on your server.
11: I get an 500 error in my browser

If errors are not catched by our script and your webserver doesn`t know how to handle the error, most likely the webserver will thrown a Error 500.
There are a few things you could try to figure out / solve the problem.

Solution 1

  1. Download the file .htaccess in your TigerMin folder of your website
  2. Open the file with a text editor like notepad
  3. Add an asterix (#) before the bottom three lines (php_flag)
  4. Save the .htaccess file and reupload the file to the /tigermin/ folder on your webserver. Overwrite the existing file.
  5. Try again! No luck, see solution 2

Solution 2

  1. Open the tigermin folder on your webserver and rename setting.debug.php to setting.php
  2. Reload the TigerMin page which was throwing the 500 error
  3. Do you see a message that makes sense now, or still the 500 error?
  4. If you still see the 500 error, contact us for help via the support section on our website > technical support.

Solution 3

  1. Rename the .htaccess file inside the tigermin folder on your server to old.htaccess
  2. Go to http://yoursite.com/tigermin/index.php
  3. Do you see TigerMin now?
  4. If you still see the 500 error, contact us for help via the support section on our website > technical support.
  5. If you see TigerMin login screen now you need to fix your webserver. TigerMin will not work yet, only loginscreen is shown.
  6. Contact your webmaster and tell them that your server is throwing a 500 error when you use webserver rewrite rules in your .htaccess file. They should be able to fix it.
12: Can I add products to mutliple storeviews or websites (stores)

TigerMin is completely compatible with multistore (website) and multi storeview (mostly languages) installations. TigerMin provides great utility to add products in multiple languages from one screen, to add products to only chosen websites, to edit products in multiple languages (storeivews), and more.

We have created a help article about this with step-by-step explanation of the features and how to use it. So, go here to read all about the TigerMin power for Magento multistore and multisite installations.

13: Magento 1.9.2.x , TigerMin not saving products to database

Magento 1.9.2.x contains a small database change. In order to use TigerMin with Magento 1.9.2.x make sure that in your form configuration the field ‘tax_class_id’ contains an integer (number) and not a string value. Previously you would have to add something like ‘shipping’ here, which means use the tax class shipping. Since Magento 1.9.2.x you should use the ID of the tax class here.

To find out what ID you should use, go (from the Magento admin panel) to Sales > Tax > Product Tax Classes. Now open the tax class you want to know the ID of. Now, in the URL at the top of your browser panel you will find something like this:


The 11 in this case is the tax ID you want to be using in the field.

14: Manage tier price and group price with TigerMin

You can add tier prices and group prices with TigerMin as well. You just need to configure your form to add pricing fields for the customer groups. Here’s a step by step guide how to do this. This example demonstrates adding tier prices, however if you want to add group prices, just replace tier_price with group_price.

Example 1, tier or group pricing per customer group

  1. Add a field to your form configuration in TigerMin and name it tier_price:groupName
  2. In the Magento backend, checkout your groupnames.
  3. Now replace tier_price:groupName with your actual group name.
  4. For example, if you have a group ‘Wholesale’ and a group ‘Customer’ you would add those 2 fields to your TigerMin configuration:
    • tier_price:Wholesale
    • tier_price:Customer
  5. Now save your form, and you are all set!

After you have saved your form you can go to the add products section. Your form will show the tier or group price fields for the configured customer groups.

Example 2, multiple tier prices across all groups or per customer group

First of all, make sure you understand example 1 if you want to add multiple tier prices per customer group. If you instead want a simple tier pricing across all customer groups, you would add this field: tier_price:_all_ This will create the tier pricing for every customer group, instead of creating a tier price per customer group as explained in Example 1.

Now you have setup your form, a field per customer group (or one field for every customer group) will appear on you product add form. I will now step by step demonstrate how you can add multiple prices per quantity.

  1. Go to your add products form and make sure the tier_price field is there.
  2. Now, to enter a multiple values per quantity within this field you can use this syntax as example: qty_threshold1:price1;qty_threshold2:price2;qty_threshold3:price3 
  3. Let’s break this down in an example. Let’s say this is your tier model:
    • Quantity treshold: 100 > price is 5,95
    • Quantity treshold: 200 > price is 4,95
    • Quantity treshold: 500 > price is 4,25
  4. In order to save this tier to your Magento database, you will have to add this value in your TigerMin tier_price field:
    • 100:5.95;200:4.95;500:4,25

That’s it. This might seem a bit technical, but it is actually quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. Possible in a future release we will also create an user interface for this.

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  1. I have bought Tigetmin version 2, How I can upgrade that 3? Is it free?

    • Emvee Solutions 01/05/2016 at 1:12 pm

      Hi Vijay,

      Yeah sure, you can login to your account on our website and check your downloads. The latest version is now 3.2 and downloadable from your account. Upgrade instructions are included in the package. Contact us if you have any questions!

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