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How to use with multistore (websites) and multistoreview (multilingual)

Since we received really lot requests to improve / add functionality for multistore websites, we dedicated our TigerMin 1.4.2. release to adding all kind of features to use TigerMin with multistore environments.  In this article, we will explain how to use TigerMin with multistore. Click on one of the topics for specific help or scroll down the page to read on.

  1. How to add products to specific websites?
  2. Preselect default websites
  3. Add product to all stores by default
  4. Add multilingual products (storeviews)
  5. Edit products for specific storeviews

First of all, you have to add the ‘store’ field to your product form, so you have the option to add products only in specific websites.

How to add store / website field to product form?

In order to add your product to a specific store you have to add the store field to your form configuration:

  1. Log into TigerMin
  2. Go to Configuration > Configure Forms and click the button ‘Add new attribute’
  3. A new line is added, on this line click the icon after the input field.
  4. Now a popup opens with all attribute possibilities. Scroll down or search (ctrl-f) the page for the attribute ‘store’
  5. Now click the button ‘Insert’ to add this field to your form configuration
  6. Save the configuration via the button  ‘Save configuration’
  7. Now you have added this field, go to Product management >  Add products. Your store field will now show up in the form.
  8. Click the grey button ‘select stores’ and you can easily choose which websites your product has to be added to. It will look something like this:

Preselect default websites to add products to

It is also possible to add your products to a certain set of stores by default. For example, if you want to use TigerMin to always add your products to websitecodex and websitecodey, you can use this setup:

  1. First add the store column to your form via Configuration > Configure forms as explained above.
  2. Now add a default value for your store field. You can add multiple website`s by separating them with comma`s like this: websitecodex,websitecodey. So your field configuration would look like this:
    Please note you have to add the website`s code! not the name. Code value can be found via Magento  backend > System > Stores > Click your website > Check the field code.
  3. If you always want to add your products to these websites and don`t wan`t to be bothered with this field in your productform, you could change the form visibility to No. This way the field will not show up when you add products, but under the hood your product will be added to the stores as configured.

What if I want to add my product to all stores, always?

In that case you can just remove the store field from your configuration entirely. Your products will then be added to all websites.

How to add multilingual products (storeviews)?

With TigerMin you can create Magento products with several translations (storeviews) very easily:

  1. Go to Configuration > Configure forms section. Edit your form, or create a new form.
  2. Add a custom field / attribute to this form. Look in the list of attributes for the attribute ‘storeview’, add this attribute to your form.
  3. Save the newly created / changed form and go to Product management > Add products
  4. Open the form you just created / changed
  5. Now the form with the added storeview field opens, in the column for your storeview field it will show a dropdown where you can choose from your storeviews.
  6. Now add multiple product rows. Start with one row for your default language. Then for every new translation create a new product row or clone the just created product row.
  7. For every next row choose the language / storeview and fill in the storeview specific values. To use default value, leave it empty.
  8. IMPORTANT: you must use the same SKU for every translation, that is how the translations will be connected to one product. The illustration below will demonstrate how the above steps work.

Click image to enlarge

How to edit products values for specific storeviews?

Now you know how to add products only to certain (chosen) websites. But what about editing products values per storeview? For example, your English storeview would contain English text and your Spanish storeview would contain Spanish text.

We made something for this too:

  1. Go to Product management > Edit products to view all products (clicking on a value here gives you the possibility to edit it)
  2. Above the products grid you will find this:
  3. Move your mouse over this text to expand the list of storeviews:
  4. Now click on a storeview
  5. The screen will reload and all values shown will be those of the selected store view
  6. Click on a value to edit it and it will only be changed in the active storeview
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