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TigerMin – Fast Magento catalog management (Magento 1 only)

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Save lots of valuable time by managing your Magento catalog way faster, way easier and way more efficiënt.

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39 reviews for TigerMin – Fast Magento catalog management (Magento 1 only)

  1. Harry H

    We absolutely recommend this extension!

  2. Frank Harris

    This extension has been added to my ‘must have’ list. Amazing how many features this plugin has, the speed of the app and the instinctive easy way of adding products.

    We also love the product overview, gives us a good and quick overview of our product portfolio. Settings and forms are adjusted within seconds. Thanks!

  3. Danny

    Works like a charm on my recently upgraded Magento store! Indeed a real time saver, happy to have found you guys

  4. Ryan

    At first I was surprised to read only positive reviews of this extension. Now I understand those guys who wrote the reviews as now I’m one of them. Fantastic product and fantastic support!

  5. David

    Thank you so much for the new release! We are already happely using Tigermin since a couple of months but we really missed a couple of features which would be a lifesaver for us. They now added one of the features we have been requesting multiple times (saving productgrid filters) and it works great.

    The service and tool these guys are offering is absolutely A+ , thanks guys!!!!

  6. Julian

    WOW! This incredibly has speeded up our catalog management and adoption process. I love this extension, works like a charm, definitely going to recommend this!

  7. Hurram

    Brilliant, best extension ever and quite bizar to see how easy product management can be. Ashame that Magento did not make this easier in their core. Anyways, no brainer as for the cost comparing features to price. I have bought a lot of extensions in the last couple of years and this extension has far more to offer then competing extensions in this price range.

  8. Ross

    Just bought and installed the tool. Absolutely awesome, much better and faster then alternatives I tried. Documentation is good enough, installation was fairly easy.

  9. Sven

    This product is amazing! It saves us an incredible amount of time every single day and the support is crazy good.

  10. Joelle

    Absolutely 5 stars for me!! Great product, great service, great company. Extension is easy to use and pricing very fair imo

  11. Rob

    Great extension works smooth and save alot off time.


  12. Richard

    So good, thanks mate!

  13. Nicolas7

    This extension is excellent! Everything works perfectly! And a good style. Thank you!

  14. Riyas

    I am using Magento for years and I usually don`t write reviews.
    This extension excellent. I use it with Magento 1.7 and it works out of the box. They update regularly and the support is great. I am very happy with this extension and I do recommend this to anyone!

  15. shine

    I am very happy with this extension. good support for installation and also good code design. In my Opinion I can recommed this to every one.
    Many Thanks

  16. Arnoud

    Absolutely great extension, extremely useful for us to quickly find and edit products by being able to search for custom attributes (which is a huge miss in Magento backend). Product creation can`t be easier and faster

  17. VCfanto

    Using this extension to add configurable products on magento 1.6. Works like a charm and actually does save me tons of time. Now I use this I Can`t believe why Magento made it so hard to add configurable products, attribute options, etc. Thanks!

  18. Liona

    I ordered this extension 2 months ago, very easy set up, regularely updates, and installation as described in the manual.
    We use it every day because we use magento as ERP.
    It is working perfect and very helpful.
    But the most important for me is the great support. They helped me out twice within an hour!!

  19. Theodor Baboi

    Works as described, thanks. Smooth and easy…….

  20. Cbusil

    We can now easily bulk update attributes because we can make a selection in the grid filtered by any attribute, brand for example.

    The thumbnail in the grid makes it easier to find the right product.
    Updating stock right from the grid makes it easier to perform stock updates.

    This extension has saved us a lot of time!

  21. Elmav

    I have been looking for such an extension for a while and came across this one. I must admit, it is everything I have been looking for and it makes managing products catalog really easy. I’m using Magento 1.9 and installation was without a problem! I added many columns to my grid, including images and attributes, and it worked as expected.

  22. Henri

    I have been long awaiting the support for configurable products. After you e-mailed today that this functionality has been added I bought the extension right away. And what can I say, it works amazing! Brilliant, easy and superfast. Keep up the good work guys!

  23. Jim Brand

    WOW! Brilliant extension. After purchasing this I can say as a very satisfied customer that the extension and the developers support is absolutely great.

    For this price, it is a giveaway. If i`d only discovered this earlier, it does save me hours of time! The simplicity but completeness of this extension is brilliant. Thanks a lot Emvee Solutions!

  24. Cal

    Great extension, easy installation. Saves us tons of time on our 5k productstore.

  25. han

    Super super super

  26. johnny703

    Nice plugin and works very easy! Saves me a lot of time

  27. thofr

    Great extension! 🙂

  28. Triyugi

    I found a bug but they resolved it very quickly, nice work guys!

  29. Effice Worx

    Hello Thanks for your app, it speed the system up very smoothly. Customer support is good also.

  30. RB Market

    I have to say again due to excellent customer service, issues all be solved in minutes. I am a non-savy html, they do the rest for me, Thanks, i recommend this extension.

  31. SRM

    Best Extension and also with Great support. Made my magento speedup like a rocket!

  32. jsiu

    Thanks for this product. Saves me a lot of time

  33. Drive Studios

    I bought tigermin and I’m so suprised !!! Extension is so good ! Working even better that it should !!! It is very fast!

  34. efmare14

    Had some problems with the installation, but received great service. Now it works and it saves a lot of time. Better than Magento.

  35. ellen

    I don’t use it very much since we already added our complete collection via Magento backend, but it works indeed way faster than Magento backend. Nice product and in the feature I will certainly make more use of this. For now it is the ideal solutions for quick stock and status changes.

    Keep up the good work!

  36. Officientstart

    We are working with TigerMin for many years now and we are very satisfied with this extension, because it makes product management in your Magento store way faster.

  37. hank

    TigerMin is a very strong and powerful tool for managing your products. It makes lot of work in seconds, because TigerMin helps to perform tasks more efficiently.

  38. Ave Studios

    The support is great and the installation was easy. Documentation is available. Excellent for working with many products in your store.

  39. SB Vision

    Excellent product. Works extremely well and saves us a lot of time managing our store. The best extension we ever bought for our store.

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Product Description

TigerMin is an Magento catalog management tool with which you can manage your catalog easily and extremely fast. Some of the key features:

  • All-in, fully featured catalog management tool
  • Add multiple products from one screen (customizable forms), blazing fast
  • Edit multiple products from one (customizable) overview
  • Enhanced admin grid with custom columns, filters
  • Compatible with Magento’s configurable products
  • Compatible with multistore websites
  • Add multilingual products from one overview (storeviews)
  • Completely customizable forms & create your own forms
  • Duplicate products and edit inline, on the fly in miliseconds
  • Prefill products attributes with default values
  • Cool WYSIWYG editor, image uploader, category filter, and much more
  • Smooth import from CSV / Excel source
  • New: Export your customized productoverview to Excel, PDF or CSV
  • New: Preload filter values in your customized product overview
  • Much, much more..
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Additional Information

Product name


Browser compatibility

All major browsers (like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)


Well documented – Installation guide, FAQ, Get started

Compatible Magento versions

Magento v1.3.x and up.


Login protected with your Magento username and password


PHP (MVC), Javascript, AJAX

Host requirements

Json encode / decode, fopen, file_get_contents OR curl_exec (99% of the hosts will support this, if not aks us for refund!)